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Design Aspects

In the present scenario wherein hundreds of websites are swarming the Internet every moment, it is quite a challenging task for a website to build traffic attracting visitors and achieving top search engine rankings and developing its own business market thereby establishing a unique identity.

The secret of success of many a website lies in the design and content of the site. Design and content are the fundamental aspects to be dealt in for any website. A site may consist of good content but will be of no use if it is not visually appealing to the visitor and will not be able to generate enquiries or business. It is necessary for any website to top the search engine rankings. To achieve this, one need to highly optimize the various web pages in the site using search engine optimization techniques.

Design & Search engine optimization

Normally people relate the design of a site only to the visual appearance and graphics. But in terms of search engine optimization, design is a broader definition including the layout, navigation, user friendliness, positioning, graphics, color management, etc.

To generate more business enquiries the first step is to address Search engine optimization issues and ensure that the site gets top search engine rankings. The second aspect is to create a layout that is visually attractive as well as search engine friendly. The third aspect is to engineer the right functionality to aid a user to make a favorable decision. The right information that aids decision-making should be available to the user easily. We provide all the above services from the sites Searchengineoptimizationservices and Edesignstudio. Edesign studio specializes in web site design and implementation while Rank High takes care of your search engine optimization requirements.

Center align the main heading or title, which describes the content of the page. Ensure consistency by maintaining the same layout throughout the website. A user may get confused if a different layout is used in another page.. Providing a site map for your site enables the visitor or search engine spider to figure out the entire contents of the website at a single stroke. While designing the site leave sufficient place to include text. Most sites fail to get top search engine rankings, as they do not have sufficient text in their home page. A good web designer will provide ample scope for text on the home page. The second aspect a designer needs to consider is to provide sufficient placeholders for links. Your chances for top search engine rankings are increased considerably if the number of relevant links is more. Dividing the home page to accommodate multiple themes is a good idea, as it will help you increase your key word frequency in the content without sounding repetitive. Our Home Page has two themes viz. search engine optimization services and How to choose your search engine expert?

The positioning of the text and graphics plays a prominent role in search engine optimization. Place the relevant and effective content at the top of the page. Do not clutter the page with heavy graphics like animations and flash movies as search engine spiders or robots completely ignore a page with heavy graphics. If you would like to use graphics, use highly optimized images like gif and jpeg images, which reduce the download time of a web page. Use alt text for all images in your web page as most spiders consider this text while indexing. Include the most relevant keywords and key phrases in the alt text and at the same time do not clutter the image alt text with unnecessary keywords. It is a good optimization technique to split a single image into multiple small images, the reason being faster downloading of the web page and more alt text per image.

Having alt text in phantom gifs, which are 1 pixel by 1 pixel in size, does not harm you and the visitors cannot easily make it out. Place these gifs at points where user access is minimum, for example at the bottom of the page. If you are using an image as a link, place the relevant keywords in the tool tip text.

Use cascading style sheets (CSS) for formatting the text in a page if possible as it greatly reduces the file size per page and also helps the search engine spider. You can also specify the robot not to access the css through the robots.txt file. Now considering the color management of a web page, do not use dull or weird colors.

  • Do not use the frames tag, as many spiders do not consider the page.
  • Do not use password-protected pages as search engine spiders cannot fill in the data and proceed further.
  • Do not use the Meta refresh tag as most spiders consider it as spamming.
  • Do not use PDF files, as most search engines do not index those pages.
  • Avoid using of dynamic pages like ASP, cold fusion, perl etc, as most of the search engines do not index these pages. Google is presently indexing dynamic pages but its effect on top search engine rankings is still not known.

Finally test the website for major browsers like Internet Explorer and Netscape and in all resolutions before submitting the site.

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