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seedot.com is a web design and web development studio Bulgaria, website design company Bulgaria, flash web design, graphic design company in Bulgaria, flash website design studio Bulgaria, flash web design, and graphic design company in Bulgaria for utmost Internet success. An Multimedia Agency specialising in Internet Services, Web Design, CD Rom, Video and Presentations based in Sofia Bulgaria. We combine a broad range of services including business management, marketing, graphic design and IT in order to provide you with a professional and personal service, Web development and design,asp, php and delphi projects, download programs, info and resume, professional sites and programing


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Outsourcing Services

seedot.com's Outsourcing service’s methodology stems out of its consulting experience. seedot.com has over hundred person years of quality project management and consulting experience.

The experience in consulting and project management has stood seedot.com in good stead while implementing its outsourcing service’s methodology. seedot.com's focused approach towards risk mitigation and establishing enablers to manage outsourcing services to integrate all processes have earned seedot.com a resounding success

seedot.com with its years of experience in offshore development offers considerable value in terms of time, cost and process enhancement.

seedot.com's quality and testing wing has added tremendous value to its outsourcing services.

Key Differentiating factors

  • Strong consulting background

  • Honed processeses and methodologies to manage remote development

  • Process driven and document centric

  • Focussed, continuous and formatted communication

  • Online tools and enablers to monitor and ensure process management

  • Separate QA and testing wing

  • Amenable to all models of offshore development methodologies

  • Extremely competitive pricing

Our passion is to create an economic advantage in your favour and against your competitors. We do it not by selling cheap - but by delivering better value per dollar than any of our competitors.


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