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Outsourcing Software Development - How to find an Outsourcing Partner

Make sure the Outsourcing partner you are looking for fulfills at least some of the following characteristics:

  • Good communication equipment and facilities. Leased line or ISDN connections to the Internet are essential.

  • Excellent English language skills.

  • Experience and references. Check with a few of the references and ask for their experience and advice on how you should work successfully with the company.

  • Visit the company and establish a good relationship with the offshore software development partner. Make sure they understand your needs and quality demands.

  • Also, check that the offshore software development company has adequate equipment, stable finances and good management.

How to start an outsourcing relationship

The outsourcing software development company should send a pilot team to visit the outsourcing company to start a personal relationship with the management and programmers they are going to work with. This also helps to understand the cultural problems and settings and can therefore help to build confidence

  • Starting with a small pilot project might be the best way to start and establish a long term relationship.

  • Give out requirements clearly

  • Have a change management practice put in at the beginning of the project

  • Do not let visual design hamper the progress of the project

  • Establish a monitoring mechanism right in the beginning

  • Arrive at clear milestones and timelines

Outsourcing Software Development – Key guidelines

If you are careful in your selection process, we believe that you can and will achieve great success with offshore software development projects. Here are some key guidelines, which will help you:

  • Find a good software development partner, who has a proven record in Outsourcing software development activities over several years

  • Choose suitable project

  • Possibly send a pilot project to the outsourcing software development company and evaluate the result

  • Work towards establishing a long term relationship

  • Visit your development partner (if possible)

  • Establish good management practices·

  • Don't expect too much from the start. Offshore Software Development in Bulgaria is profitable in the long run; not just for one-time projects.

More Outsourcing software development resources on the WEB

We are in the process of compiling information and links on offshore software development methodologies, offshore software development resources which would be of help to you. Here are a few links to sites we have found useful. They provide more ideas on how to understand and take advantage of Offshore Software Development·

  • The journal of Strategic Outsourcing Information

  • The Outsourcing Institute

  • From Sunworld - To outsource or not to outsource - what are the factors?

  • Outsourcing Books

  • Outsourcing Center

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